Posting vignettes based on great postcards found in my mail box and elsewhere.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chainsaw Artists

Though you won't probably find these works of art at the next art show in your town, unless you live in a rural town of less than 500, you can be sure that where there is a crew cutting pulp wood there is an artist among them. I found this card when I took my chainsaw into the local shop for service. My saw wouldn't start and they discovered diesel fuel in the thing. To save total embarrassment, I mumbled something about the kids. Anyway, the saw is running well again and maybe I'll try and carve an icon to gasoline to remind me what kind of fuel to use next time. Then again, maybe I'll just stick to cutting the wood I have into two foot lengths. If I need any special carvings I'll call the Stearns Family.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Guitar Dreams

My son left this homemade postcard on my bedroom dresser. It is a three dimensional card made of foam cut outs he made at school. I came up with the title.