Posting vignettes based on great postcards found in my mail box and elsewhere.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chugging into the future

For the last postcard of 2011, I chose (no surprise) a train. To me there is nothing more symbolic of moving into the future than a train chugging along, especially trains powered by a steam locomotive.
This postcard came from friends and neighbors who just returned from the lower 48 (U.S.) states. I collect train postcards and they seem to find the best cards for me.
This card is post dated 1928 and shows the Royal Gorge, Colorado. The gorge's rock walls are some 2,500 feet and not nearly as wide, so the effect of being in the gorge is a little claustrophobic to some.
Traveling the gorge by train is fairly high on my bucket list.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Coach, "You gotta put me in!"

This guy is the personification of the kid who just wants to get in the game. This postcard came from a humorous dog-themed calendar, complete with removable postcards. I'm sending this card along with some other gifts to a friend who I think will appreciate the gun-hoe attitude.

I also like this card because the ready to play dog dons the helmet of the Green Bay Packers. The packers are my second favorite professional football team. I still like the underdog Detroit Lions because, well, I grew up outside Detroit and went to see them play when I was a very young boy. I remember also the Thanksgiving holiday tradition of Detroit playing the Packers and losing nearly every year.

I like that the "Pack" are doing well and continue to beat all the odds with their community-owned  franchise. It's evidence to me that  people-owned businesses are capable of beating the odds and being successful rather than all the other big business team franchises. No other team has won as many championships and the team has four Super Bowl victories. If not the Lions, let it be the Pack.