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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Postcards Cafe

Shame on my for neglecting my blog. I like to post weekly but life happens.

My friends Kim and Dennis returned from Kauai, Hawaii, from a much needed vacation and they were so taken with the island they could not stop talking about it and reading about it. They vowed to return. I'll give them a year or two but I bet they will be back. From their descriptions, Kauai sounds like the Garden of Eden, complete with wild food on the vine and the kind of warm temperatures riding moist ocean currents most Alaskan's only dream about.
My friends sent me a beautiful wood postcard (see my blog post here) from the island but waited until Christmas to give me this card which any self-respecting postcard collector would die for. This is so much like Kim and Dennis always giving what is most valuable. Thanks guys.
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