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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hawaiian postcard cornucopia

Our good friends, the Gebauer family just returned from Kauai bearing gifts. The last trip they brought me a wonderful t-shirt imprinted with the Postcard Cafe, a well-know vegetarian eatery on the island. This time I was the grateful recipient of a wooden postcard picturing a surfer just rising onto his board on a giant wave and a beautiful packet of postcards (left).The packet contains some wonderful classic-style Hawaiian tourist postcards.

The packet reads, "Designed in Hawaii and Printed with "Ecologically Sound Inks on 100% Chlorine Free Paper from Sustainable Forests." That's a grammarian's nightmare of capital letters but I'm sure it covers all the politically correct bases so as not to offend the Eco-tourist constituency. These earth friendly cards are available from 

The Hawaiian islands trade in on the abundance of tourists that visit the islands each year. Americans from the mainland (a odd term when you think of this global village) make up 80% of the tourist traffic. Hawaii, the 50th state admitted to the U.S., is a slice of  paradise with miles of pristine beaches, active volcanoes and tropical rain forests.
As if their postcards and pictures on Facebook were not enough, each time our good friends return from the islands their enthusiasm seems not only boundless but infectious. We are now officially planning a trip to the islands in the near future. Aloha.