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Friday, February 20, 2009

A Canine Disagreement

In contrast to the peaceful resting fellows of the previous post, these two canines have issues. There may be a piece of meat between them that one chose not to eat but is nevertheless protecting. Or it could just be two males who can smell a female in heat up ahead in the line and they are "discussing" who might lay claim to her.

Note that the dog on the right is tethered by a tow line (longer) and the other dog gets a short neck line tether. It may be that the dogs in the previous post were less cranky because the straw focused their attention on rest rather than competing for a spot on hard-packed snow.

The caption on the reverse side suggests another scenario: "What do you mean, I didn't pull." While that's possible, usually a dog that is upset with another will not wait for the checkpoint to settle the score.

This postcard, dated 1994, was published by Leader Publications of Fairbanks, Alaska. An internet search did not turn up a Web site. The photographer is Vladimir Vinitzki. See another Vinitzki phototgraph at


  1. I':l have to show these to my little boy! He has a thing about huskies. He's always reading books about them and sleeps with a little stuffed one every night!

  2. Here is a good "husky" book for him: Danger: The Dog Yard Cat. It was written by the first women to win the Iditarod, Libby Riddles. The book begins, "There once was a cat of questionable background who had done hard time in the Nome dog pound..." It includes a CD of great songs that accompany the story.
    Your blogs the best, Marie.

  3. Great postcard! I love their expressions - Good capture from the photographer ;-)