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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Warm Tent Is Better Than No Tent

Though it might not look like much this 16X32 foot tent was home to the Bernhardt family for 13 months in 1977-78 while they built their cabin in Alaska's Interior. Dick and Donna Bernhardt shared a love of the land and a desire to find a home away from the big city, so they left Anchorage and moved to Tok, Alaska. Like many Alaskans, they literally carved a life out a wilderness where temperatures can reach 60 below zero (Fahrenheit). See their story here. Today you can still see tent dwellers in Fairbanks and other parts of Interior Alaska making a life for themselves in this time honored fashion.

I came by this postcard when I moved to Alaska in 1990. I had already lived in a tepee and built my own home in Northern Michigan. The card probably was responsible for giving me the idea that I could do it all over again in Alaska. In 1994, my wife and I built our own cabin 15 mile north of Healy, Alaska. I can report that there is nothing romantic about hammering roof nails at 35 below zero.


  1. There is nothing romantic at -35... except maybe a roaring fire INSIDE!!! :D Your blog is great (when I come over - I read most everything in google reader, and I admit I am lazy and don't click most of the time when you post. Only when it sounds super interesting. Which is probably a shame, I've loved it everytime I've been here).

  2. I guess this means I need catchier titles. Seriously, I read to same way. I scan a lot and don't read everything. I guess we could say: 'So many postcards, so little time.' Your "Addiction" blog is super. Some day I would like to blog all the Postcrossing cards but again there is that time thing.