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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flower of Earth

This is one of the most beautiful portrait post cards I own. Unfortunately, the history of it is murky. I suspect, my grandmother's neighbor friends, who immigrated from Poland, brought this card to her, along with eight others of similar vintage, as a gift after a trip to the homeland. It was not written on or mailed.

The card is printed in Germany and is divided on the back. It has no other markings other than the 310/4 on the bottom right corner. The edges have a faded copper color which gives the dark background added depth.

The young model's expression is mysterious: calm and focused yet somewhat amused. Maybe mature beyond here years.

The flowered earth child against the dark background is akin metaphorically to those photos of the earth, taken from the moon, against the blackness of space. Both are flowers made more beautiful and precious contrasted against the dark void that surrounds both.

The colour photograph of Earthrise -

taken by Apollo 8 astronaut, William A. Anders,

December 24, 1968.


  1. What does the stampbox look like? If it's anything other than a blank square, that may help us date it.

  2. Chris,
    The stampbox is a rectangle made of dotted lines without words. There is also four dotted lines for the address. That's it. Thanks for the help.
    By the way, I'm dropping a post card in the mail for you today. It's a classic Alaskan image: a couple of choice nuggets. I think you'll enjoy them.

  3. Great blog, I love Vintage pictures, posters etc.

  4. Your "classic Alaskan image" received today and posted. You are a man of excellent taste; truly a gentleman and a scholar. Many thanks. I shall have to try to kick it up a notch.

  5. Chris,
    Thanks for posting the "nuggets." They did deserve some play. I was confident you could handle them.

    Enjoyed the green O'bama very much. Welcome to the "100 years..." blog.