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Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Flowers and Love Blossoms

Cherry Trees Bloom in April at the Jefferson Memorial
In Michigan the Cherry Trees Do Not Bloom till May

But Love Blossoms are Eternal in Montana

Jefferson Memorial post card is a Kodachrome Reproductions of L.B. Prince Co, Arlington, Virginia. Michigan Springtime post card is from Perrin Sourvenir Distributors of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Montana Double Date is a "Duckboy Cards" by Paul Stanton, PO BOX 86, Milltown, Montana 59851.

I had difficulty posting comments on this post so here are some comments:

Postcardy said: Thanks for linking to my Postcard Scavenger Hunt. I was suprised to discover (via Google) that there are several places besides Washington that have Cherry Blossom Festivals. I love that Montana card!

Outstanding Stranger said: Oh ho ho....I bought some Duck Boy postcards too.. they are very funny..The one I liked was a bunch of recked trucks..quote says "Truck Farm". The other one was a California Wine tasting...back yard style. Drinking wine out of a box. What was that link? Diane

Chris Overstreet said: To quote Robert Mitchum, "Life is more exciting in Montana."

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