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Monday, May 24, 2010

Tugging The Heart Strings

A service station that changed my thermostat in November sent this card to remind me that it was time for my next service. My car's windshield would not defog at 30 below Fahrenheit so I resorted to driving dressed in full winter gear and the window down to keep my breath from condensing on the windows. The station didn't ask but I usually change my own oil and do my own lube job. Still, I appreciate the lovely picture and recall that I was secure in my parents car and slept many miles in a similar position even before the era of seatbelts, let alone car seats for children.


  1. As a child, I was quite sure that seat belts were just a way to keep us restrained. On the other hand, this sweet postcard is probably very effective in getting people to not only maintain their cars,but also use car seats and seat belts. As an adult, of course, my perspective on seat belts has changed.

  2. Maybe we can swap cards!
    I saw your profile at Postcrossing :)
    Here's mine:
    If you agree, I think I'd like 2 or 3 cards, showing: bears, polar aurora and.. snow!
    Ok.. what do you think about it?
    Please send me a message or email!
    Have a nice week!